• Founder – Peter

    With many years of experience in listed corporation as executives at home and abroad; Has a mature enterprise operation mode and management experience; Enterprise internal control management experts; Management and financial control expert; Entrepreneurs, business executives training qualifications.

  • Partner—Ze Huang

    the new generation of entrepreneurs after 80, graduated from the Zhejiang Gongshang University Department of business .

  • CTO—Hua Ying

    Once served as general manager of Creative Resources Global、The founder and general manager of dedibot;More than 20 invention patents; Bachelor of computer science at Zhejiang University; MBA, Tsinghua University.

  • Project Director -LiJun Xia, Regina

    Financial planner (CHFP), project manager (PMP); Proficient in management, transaction processing system of personnel management, establish and promote; Has a wealth of experience to the company strategic objectives management, various management system construction; Proficient in project management, familiar with the process of construction of large industrial park, have years of experience of project operation.

  • Partner—KO

    With twelve years of entrepreneurial experience, the company has more than 10 operating projects; business management and financial risk management experts; a variety of business models and business implementation planning and supervision of the rich practical experience.

  • Strategy consultants – JunHong Wang

    Strategic experts; The only Chinese expert has combination of strategic consulting experience and domestic capital finance experience; Visiting professor at the college President class in Tsinghua university and Beijing university.